VarroJet - US type


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 VarroJet in stainless steel design for 8 hives



VarroJet is a lightweight and portable oxalic acid vaporizer designed for commercial beekeepers or beekeepers with multiple colonies.

The compactness of the device makes it suitable for use in less accessible terrain where open fire handling is not a problem.

VarroJet - US type - is heated by gas from a bayonet cartridge. It is equipped with a rotating carousel with cups for 6 or 8 beehives. One cup is used for one dose of acid per bee colony.

The evaporated acid smoke is blown into a beehive by a small fan. The evaporation time of 2 g of acid is about 30 seconds.

Rotation and stroke of the chambers is by means of a rotating handle. We offer the Varrojet in a stainless steel design with 6 or 8 cups.



 Technical information

Technical information:

  • Weight:  1,2 kg 
  • Burner power: 1,8 to 2,25 KW
  • Evaporation time 2 grams: cca 30 to 40 sec
  • Gas cartridge type: bayonet
  • Fan power supply: 3x micropencil battery, type AAA
  • Dimensions (LxHxW): 55cm x 21cm x 15cm
  • Temperature range: 180 – 250°C 
  • Energy source: gas
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Gas cartridge life: max. 3 hours (120 – 180 beehives)  


Package contents

Package contents:

  • Vaporizer - VarroJet (US type)
  • Swivel handle
  • Stand
  • Vaporizer outlet reduction
  • Measuring cup for crystals
  • Fan without batteries 
  • Instruction manual
  • Original packaging and instructions for the gas 
  • NOTE: gas cartridge is not included 



 Instruction Manual

Instruction Manual


The product can be ordered using the contact form below or through our contacts.


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Available from March 2017 - possibility to order via email or mobile phone.