Bee Hive Analyzer

New app to transform your (Android) smartphone
​into the monitor for state of bee colonies

      Now, it is time to present our development - BEE HIVE ANALYZER - “BEEKEEPER’S ACOUSTIC ASSISTANT” ! This is a mobile application, for Android OS smartphones, which main task is - to turn your smartphone into a control and measuring instrument that allows you to receive and interpret  acoustic data of  bee colony, in order to understand its condition.       Moreover, it allows obtaining and analyzing these data quickly and with a minimum effort. The application in its work, uses all possibilities of smartphone as a portable computer, which can collect and process data. The device receives acoustic data from the built-in microphone, or wired microphone or Bluetooth headset operating in a microphone mode.
Bee Hive Analyzer was created by OHARKOVI beekeeping, so it provides the configuration and functions that reduce errors and distortions of measurement results on the one hand, and makes the use of device simple and effective for beekeepers on the other.  ​


The "Bee Hive Analyzer" mode is used in summer and winter, to monitor the status of bees, the presence and quality of the queen bee and the readiness to enter into the swarming impulse.

This software is primary used for fast check bee colonie on your mobile phone without checking bee inside box. This app diagnose honey bees Apis Melifera creating sound and analyze this for the result of colony behavior. (Bees present, Queen present, Future swarm formation with forecast in days, Bee strength,...)



No need to open the hive. Possible to use BHA  inserting it into the hive entrance or ventilation hole. In both cases, the result is excellent!


BHA  can predict the swarming up to 21 days before the swarm issuance. The beekeeper will have time to take any action to prevent both – the swarming process and leaving of the swarm.



BHA is designed to select the optimal time for inserting a new queen into the colony and for controlling its adoption by the colony. It can prevent the loss of the dear queen when it is exchanged. 



The results of the amplitudes of the signal spectrum, obtained by the FFT, are averaged to obtain the energy of spectrum, and then averaged once again with the method to eliminate short interferences. The value obtained for 2 frequency ranges are compared on the screen of the device for a visual control of the bees’ status.

The monitoring is carried out visually, by the a graph, using the control hitting with hand’s palm on the body of the hive.



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Monitoring mode - is an instrument for rapid monitoring of acoustic signals, emitted by the bees. This mode allows you to  observe spectrum of the audio signals on the screen nearly in real-time. Data viewing option in the form of a audiogram, allows you to visually analyze audio spectrum, highlighting the main time trend of the useful signal.


State of meassuring - General State Control mode of bee colony. It allows to make a series of measurements and to receive  averaged result of analisis of acoustic signals, emitted by the bee colony. As a result, you'll get the state of the colony and diagnostic message in the text window, describing the state, and making predictions.  In winter time it will alow you to get data about the state of hibernating colony.  If your bees will have problems with mites, or bad food, BHA will tell you about it ! 

Swarming control - It will allow you to know in advance , 21 days before swarm can go out, about the beginning of swarming process.  It will save your bees, which can go away, and will save your honey, which you'll lose, if the bees will start swarming process without any guidance.

 Strength colony Special acoustic signal of the bee family will tell us about colony strength. 

 Queen present   - Acceptance control mode, allows you to control the result of inserting new queen in the family, from which you take old queen. According to acoustic signals of the bees, it is possible to predict whether the new queen will be accepted, or not.  This can help you to save the queen if the bees will not accept her, and will try to kill.   When you'll devide your family into two parts, this mode will help you to understand which part of the family have the queen, and which is ready to accept new queen.

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