Electric device to sweep off bees (EDSOB)

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Our next product is Automatic electric device to sweep off bees from frames (EDSOB).

Automatic electric device to sweep off bees is leight , washable. It is made from aluminium sheet and plastic desk with UV stabilization. EDSOB is powered from 12V battery put on side , with capacity 4 Ah. Battery is recharged from photovoltaic panel 4,5 Watt. Brushes are used polyethilen , simple changabel. Infrasensor keeps noncontact turn-on motors.   EDSOB is possible connect to car cigarette lighter.

We offer EDSOB with photovoltaic panel or without fotovoltaic panel.

The price is:

 - EDSOB with solar panel : 360 EUR

 - EDSOB without solar panel : 300 EUR


On sale from May 2016 - you can send pre-order via email or mobile phone.



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