(Oxalic acid vaporizer)






What you require:-


  • Oxalic Acid crystals

  • Oxalic Acid vaporizer - OXALVAP

  • Electronic timer or stop watch

  • Measuring spoon for crystals

  • Mask approved for Oxalic Acid fumes (For example this one from 3M OV/N95)

  • Acid resistant gloves

  • Eye protection

  • Cloths to block entrances

  • Safety first

  • Always wear your mask, Eye protection and gloves, you don’t want to breath the vapors from the vaporizers. Breathing the fumes can cause severe irritation and burns to the throat.

  • Avoid skin contact with the crystals, it can cause a burning sensation.

  • For more information about Oxalic Acid Safety
    Oxalic Acid Safety sheet

  • Steps


  1. Add 1 gram per full sized box of Oxalic Acid crystals to the head of your Oxalic Acid Vaporizer. We use a 1/4 of a teaspoon, check your crystals with scales to ensure this is correct for you.

  2. For example colony with two full sized boxes requires 2 grams for treatment.

  3. Insert vaporizer into hive, either from the underneath the meshboard (if you can seal it) or from the front entrance.

  4. Seal any ventilation with cloths.

  5. Connect your vaporizer to the power source (12 volts) for two and a half minutes (Maximum three minutes - depends on battery capacity.)

  6. Disconnect power source.

  7. Time a further ten minutes

  8. Removed all cloths and remove vaporizer.

  9. Ensure vaporizer is cooled down before reusing or storing.

  10. Whats next

  11. If you have brood repeat these steps every week for three weeks, a total of three treatments are required, as the vapour doesn’t effect mites in the capped brood cells.

  12. If you have a bloodless period then only one treatment is required.

  13. After the treatments, Do a mite count, check results to ensure the treatment has worked correctly.


Always store Oxalic Acid crystals in a dry air tight container, if it gets damp it will not vaporize correctly.