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VarroJet is our newest oxalic acid vaporizer designed for commercial beekeeper or beekeeper with more hives.

Our new model VarroJet is heated by gas from piercing the cartridge. It features a rotating carousel with cups for 6 or 8 colonies. Smoke vaporized acid is cocky with a small fan into a beehive. The parts are from copper or stainless steel. Evaporation time 2 grams of acid is about 30 seconds. Gas cartridge is piercing.



Technical information:

Scale :  1,5 kg 
Torch power: 1,8 to 2,25 KW
Time to vaporize 2 gram of OA: approx 30 až 40 second
Gas type: piercing
Fan power: 3xAAA



Price by design:

6x stainless version : 7000,- incl. VAT
8x stainless version : 7500,- incl. VAT


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On sale since October 2016 - the possibility of ordering via email or phone.